Praying for Justice

If you have been exposed to the widespread scope of sexual exploitation that plagues our world, you will know that we are unable to fix this problem alone. We desperately need God to intervene! Thankfully, we are invited to call out to God in prayer and ask for His wisdom, His power, and His mercy for all those affected by this injustice. 


Praying for Justice is a time of intentional, communal prayer, facilitated by Mark Wollenberg, Director of Church Mobilization for International Justice Mission Canada. 


Praying for Justice is based on the prayer that Jesus taught his disciples – the Lord’s Prayer. Many of us have a deep familiarity with the Lord’s Prayer; it is a great unifying prayer that is often recited communally and is as old as the Christian faith. However, we seldom consider that the prayer that Jesus taught his disciples is a passionate prayer for justice. From the very first word, Jesus lays out a powerful petition that brings us to the frontlines to confront injustice and evil in our world. The Lord’s Prayer orients us outside of ourselves and towards our broken world that is desperate for God’s redeeming and restoring love.


This event will also feature special music by Harmony through Harmony, a Calgary-based choir that exists to build community, where we expand worldviews, in order to develop leaders, who will impact culture, through the fight for justice. 


This part of the Seek Justice Summit is completely free for anyone to attend!

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