A.C.T. Now Workshops 

A.C.T. is an acronym that stands for Aware, Care & Tell. We hope these sessions will increase your awareness, build your care for this issue, and equip you to tell others and help them along their justice journeys. Registrants will be asked to choose one of the workshop options in each session.



Who is “She” in Calgary?

A panel discussion from leaders working on the frontlines with exploited women. 

Featuring representatives from the following organizations:

Kelsi Wind - The Walk

Kirstie Hayhoe - CHILL

Judy Osbourne - Emma House

Ivy Friesen - Youth Unlimited

Becky Bradbury - Next Step Ministries

How should the Church respond to #MeToo? Becoming a safe place for victims of Clergy/Professional Sexual Abuse. 

Eileen Peters, myvoiceback.com


Organizations need policies, but that’s not enough. This workshop will encourage people to become knowledgeable about the reality and dangers of Clergy Sexual Abuse so that together we can begin to build communities that are secure places for vulnerable people, safe places for survivors, and authentic places where abusers will be detected, confronted, and offered the hope of true transformation.


Emerging Technology Meets Sex Trafficking

Phil Calvert, International Justice Mission Canada


Under the surface of the great ideals that we hold dear as Canadians is a great shame, preying on impoverished communities in order to direct the livestream sexual abuse of very young children. The Cybersex Trafficking of children is a crime that Canadians are implicated in. The good news is – we know ways of addressing this based on IJM’s experience and results in the Philippines and we can work together to stamp out demand in Canada.


Canada’s shame: the epidemic of sexual violence affecting our Indigenous women and girls. 

Kallie Wood & Chris McKee, Converging Pathways 


Kallie Wood and Chris McKee of Converging Pathways reside on Treaty Four Territory in Saskatchewan and are excited to join in discussions and journey alongside you to better understand the history of this country and the present day complexities that exist for Indigenous peoples. Kallie and Chris will discuss sexual abuse, violence and domestic sex trafficking and address the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls epidemic on our lands.

Together, Kallie and Chris of Converging Pathways are a recipe for success, with Kallie as a Nakoda Cree Indigenous Leader and Director of Indigenous Engagement at Briercrest College and Seminary and Chris, a non-Indigenous Executive Leader with the Saskatchewan Ministry of Justice, they provide a safe sacred space for engagement and understanding and a palpable, resilient passion for reconciliation and justice for the future of our children and grandchildren.

Why people get hooked on porn, and how addiction works

Daniel Komori, Journey Canada

In this session, we'll explore some of the reasons why people get addicted to pornography, how pornography addiction works, and how habitual use of pornography can lead to sexual exploitation.

Do no harm: walking alongside people who have experienced trauma

Jutta Wittmeier, Calgary Pregnancy Care Centre

Trauma is an unexpected, and often unbearable, event that has impact beyond normal coping capabilities. Crisis challenges a person's ability to cope; trauma overwhelms. Trauma can leave a person with ongoing symptoms, on minds, bodies and spirits, not easily healed. It can affect those impacted, as well as, those around them.

As a Christian community we are called to seek Justice. Many of those we will come alongside have had significant losses and trauma in their lives. This workshop will help you better understand how behavior and reactions may be impacted by the past. 

We will discuss how to be a compassionate presence, the impact of witnessing the stories of others, how to stay within the limits of appropriate care, and the importance of referral.


Speaking Truth to Power: The Church as a Prophetic Voice in Our Cities

Mark Wollenberg, International Justice Mission Canada


Throughout the Bible, God called prophets to speak directly to those in power who neglected to protect the poor from violence and injustice. What is the role of the Church today to speak to leaders in government about issues of injustice? Is the Church's only responsibility to care for the oppressed, or do we also have an obligation to be a prophetic voice to those who hold power? What would be the 'Jesus way' of engaging with those who are entrusted with the power to govern?  

Grooming: Exposing the Heart of a Manipulator 

Eileen Peters, myvoiceback.com

Most women who have experienced Clergy Sexual Abuse have no name for it. Often the inappropriate sexual behavior of a minister towards someone in his church is labelled “an affair” or “adultery”. It is neither.

Grooming is the slow, methodical, and intentional process of manipulating a person to a point where they can be victimized. This workshop will provide a clear definition of Clergy Sexual Abuse and will explore issues such as The Power of Silence, “Did I Consent?” and “Is There a Way Out?”

Dream: The Story of Brittni de la Mora

Matthew & Daniel Kooman, Unveil Studios

Don't miss a sneak peek at a portion of Unveil Studios' new documentary series Dream.  Filmmakers Matthew & Daniel Kooman will be present to give participants a look at one of the storylines from the series that is currently in post-production.

This first look at the series will be a segment about Brittni De La Mora who was once a Top 12 Star in the adult film industry. She lost her way as a youth, chasing after acceptance and approval in an industry that quickly became a nightmare. After multiple suicide attempts and drug addiction she needed a way get out. The sequence will give a glimpse at her her journey of redemption as she left the nightmare to discover and live her true dream of empowering women to live bold and free.

Learn more about the series at www.unveilstudios.com/dream


Take Charge @ Home

Cliff Wiebe, Calgary Pregnancy Care Centre 


Did you know that “less than 12 percent of parents have any idea of what their kids are doing on the internet?"

(Dr. David Finkelhor)

The Internet has the ability to enhance our lives, but it also comes with numerous pitfalls and challenges. Pornography is one

of them. We would like to introduce you to a new initiative of the Calgary Pregnancy Care Centre called TakeCharge@HOME. We are living in a time when it is no longer a question of IF kids will be exposed to pornography, but WHEN. This program presents the realities of how the porn industry aggressively pursues our children via the Internet and provides some

strategies to protect them.

Sex trafficking and beyond: Human trafficking in the global context

Angie Redecopp, Ambrose University


Sex trafficking, forced labour, organ trafficking, baby trafficking, and other atrocities. This session provides an overview of the many types of human trafficking activities that take place around the world. Who are the perpetrators, who are the victims, and who are the different actors involved in combatting human trafficking? What are the laws, international conventions, and global movements that speak to these issues?

We're all in this together

Jutta Wittmeier, Calgary Pregnancy Care Centre

Joy Johnson-Greene, Sonshine Community Services

Lois Derksen, Centre Street Church

In this session, after many years of fighting sexual exploitation, leaders from our city will discuss why the church needs agencies and why the agencies need the church.


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